When giving, you always receive

Contributing to your community can be magical. One act of kindness can bring joy and satisfaction to so many people in need. Similarly, one flame can light many candles, without losing even a bit of light

"העולם הבא שלך הוא הדאגה לעולם הזה של חברך"

- הרב מאיר אדרעי

About us

Project Tamid ("Tamid" in hebrew means "Everlasting") is a not-for-profit organization. Our goal is to provide computers and technicalsupport to low-income families. Giving them computer access, is opening up for them a  world of opportunities. Our organization allows members of the community to assist others using a system that leaves room for mutual gain. All of the equipment donations provided to our team are pre-owned desktop computers, laptops and tablets that are no longer needed but can still be repaired and distributed.


During December of 2015, two students founded the organization at the age of thirteen. Their goal was to use their knowledge of technology to reduce economic gaps in Israeli society. They aimed to make computers and online resources more accessible to low income families.

Our method

Our project is managed by a team of volunteers (mostly high-school students) who work on repairing and distributing donated computers,  as well as managing the ogistics. We receive computer donations from schools, companies and families throughout all of Israel. All donations go through a series of checkups and updates by members of our staff in our computers labs, before they are distributed to our families. The computer, along with full internet access and any other necessary equipment is installed in the family's home by our volunteers and is ready for use.


As of December 2020 our team has managed to fix and distribute over Ten thousand computers to families in need.

These computers have helped hundreds of students all over Israel communicate with their teachers and keep up with their schoolwork during these complicated times. Thanks to all of the donations, approximately 250 families were able to return to the workforce and some of them even managed to escape poverty. In 2017 Project Tamid (specifically Nathan Goldfarb, one of the Project Tamid founders) received the "Presidential Award Acknowledging Young Volunteers" and our team is proud to continue working and helping others in our community

Our work during the pandemic

At the start of the pandemic the need for a computer in every household increased and low income families with young children were left with no way to communicate with the outside world. Over 100,000 people have reached out to Project Tamid since the first national lockdown, and there are still thousands more families in similar situations. Since the beginning of the pandemic our team has distributed over 4,000 computers to families in need. Even so, there is a large number of families in need of our help. With all this, more and more adults and even teenagers are searching for ways to volunteer and help their community. Over the past few months, the number of staff members on our team has increased and new computer labs are open and running

If you too are motivated and interested in helping Project Tamid with opening new labs, organizing drop off points, picking up\ dropping off donations or have any other suggestions we are happy to hear from you!

Please contact us using contact information below.

In numbers

Computers that have been repaired and delivered
Year the project was founded
Collection centers across the country
Computer labs

Our partners

Our process

Has your computer stopped working or needed to be replaced?

A desktop computer functions properly for an average 3 years. Some last longer and some need to be replaced earlier

Instead of throwing it away- donate it!

Computers and other electronics that are no longer being used is not necessarily electronic waste. Thanks to you, instead of throwing them away we will be giving your computer a new life and a new home.

Our volunteers fix the equipment.

Your retired computer will be refurbished and examined, old parts will be replaced and your trash could be someone else’s treasure for the next two years!

Your newly repaired computer is handed over to a family in need

Low income families are grateful to receive a fully functioning computer. Every computer fixed by our volunteers is passed on to a family who would otherwise not be able to afford one.

Collecting computers or equipment

We encourage you to take part by donating equipment and delivering them to one of the drop-off locations and our team will take care of the rest.

Our staff will continue working efficiently, organizing, cleaning and repairing and of course finding a very greatful family to receive a new and functioning computer.

All donations can be dropped off at any of our pick-up locations or repair labs across the country.

Have you purchased a new computer? Donate the old one!

Have you recently purchased a new computer?

Don't throw away the old one!

Our staff can find a family who is waiting to receive a functioning electronic.

Usually the process of purchasing a new computer includes transferring files and settings from your old computer to your new one. Should you require any help transferring your information before donating your old computer, our team will gladly guide you through the process and see that your private information has been transferred and that your previous computer is wiped clean before it is donated.

Financial contribution

If donating a computer is not an option there are more ways you can contribute to our cause. We are grateful to receive any and all financial contributions. The money will go towards purchasing any missing equipment we need in order to provide the families with a full working computer set (cables, hard disks, keyboards and tools for the labs). With demand, comes supply and Project Tamid is in need of larger sums, so if you're searching for a charity in need of financial support - we welcome  your help.

donors will receive an official receipt for financial donations of any sum

To arrange a collection of equipment or money donation, please fill out the form

Please enter your Message


Our only goal is to help people! All of our activity is done openly and in complete  transparency! Our project works collaboratively with a youth movement named Tzedek (meaning "Justice") and every donation, financial or otherwise is documented and controlled

Any family that receives a computer from our organization is required to present a letter of confirmation from the Bureau of Welfare, that ensures the families who truly need our help, will receive computers

Our collective goal as an organization is to distribute as many working computers as possible. Our team puts a lot of time, effort and resources to fix all of the equipment that is donated to our cause. In the event that a donated computer or any of the equipment we receive cannot be repaired it is sold to local artists and that money is put back into buying new equipment for our families

Contact us

Main lab

Our repair lab is located on 6 Nachshon street in Jerusalem, Israel

Drop-off locations

Currently Project Tamid has 8 different drop-off locations and contacts. Click the link below to view locations on the map

Jerusalem - Nachshon 6 - Ronen - 058-6833706

Tel Aviv - Simtat bait hashueva 6 - Ishay - 054-6665996
Modien - Yehouda 97/1 - Ayana - 052-3844426 (Message only)
Migdal Oz - Oriya - 052-3843844
Ashcelon - Itshak ben tzvi 6 - Gidon - 054 - 5399013
Rehovot - Yaniv - 054-6250917
Sahnin - Hisham - 052 - 5986879
Revivim - 054 - 6239408

Do you or someone you know may need a computer donation?

Contact us by filling out an application form or call \ send a message to our logistics team

We will take care of your case in a discreet, private manner. Any family that meets our criteria will get a computer according to the availability of donations and the rate of the repairing

You too can open a lab or a drop-off location

The need for computer donations is constantly growing and we need as much help as we can get. We welcome you to take initiative and open a repair lab or drop-off location in order to collect and distribute donations to Project Tamid. This will increase distribution rates and increase our layout as much as possible. This form of volunteer work can be extremely meaningful and special to adults and teenagers and will improve our ability to help our families. If you are interested in taking part please contact us!

Do you have a computer or extra equipment to donate?

Pre-owned computers and extra equipment can be delivered to any of the three labs or drop off points which are located throughout Israel

Every computer, laptop and tablet are  examined, repaired and delivered to the families thanks to your generosity

You are welcome to contact us through the application form or using the contact information below

Natan - 054-338-0656


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"העולם הבא שלך הוא הדאגה לעולם הזה של חברך"